Journal of Scientific Perspectives (JSP) is a scholarly and international peer-reviewed journal. It is an open-access electronic journal which is published quarterly in January, April, July, and October. It is aimed at promoting research worldwide and publishes basic and advanced research work from the fields of basic science and engineering, natural sciences and health sciences. Thus, it provides a forum for researchers for scholarly exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences on current issues. The original research papers, technical notes, letter to the editor, debates, case presentations, and reviews, only in English, are published in the journal. All articles published in the journal, are assigned the DOI number. Article submission and follow-up process are carried out by the manuscript submission system.


    Journal of Awareness (JoA)  is an international refereed journal which started to be published in 2016 (E-ISSN:2149-6544).  It aims to create a forum on awareness. In this perspective, high quality  articles are going to be published. Opinions and studies of the academicians and researchers, especially about social sciences will be published. The articles in the journal will be published  4 times a year; WINTER (January), SPRING (April), Summer (July), AUTUMN (October)


    Journal of Life Economics is an international peer-reviewed and periodical journal. It aims to create a forum on economic rationale of life. It brings together the views and studies of academicians, researchers and professionals working in all branches of social sciences, especially economics. The articles in the Journal is published in 4 times a year;  WINTER (January),  SPRING (April), SUMMER (July) and AUTUMN (October)