Keywords: William Blake, art, poem, imagination, reality


William Blake (1757-1827), who still has a great influence on contemporary art with his paintings and poems enlightened with a foresighted nature of imagination, is one of the artists who deserves to be mentioned in our intersection of time and space. The artist, who lived between the second half of the 18th century and the first quarter of the 19th century, handled the movement of the period of socio-cultural and political crises as an eclectic phenomenon, and has opened the doors of a unique and extraordinary World with his powerful illustrations placed around his poems and engrawings. Blake, who tried to visualize the invisible reality visible, had persistently avoided being manipulated by any strong person or group and continued to work with great devotion and spiritual humility. It will be helpful to understand the impact of his work and to examine the time Blake experienced in order to comprehend the rhetorical and illuminating plane of motion developed by him.


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