Career development
young entrepreneurs
Kecamatan Pineleng

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Entrepreneurs were the city who were directly involved in running their business activities. Therefore the entrepreneurs must pay attention to the full in diligently efforts that have them. To create entrepreneurs need to do that then the career development them, so they can improve their performance they are and expand their businesses. It is certainly in line with growing competition the efforts of young entreprenuers appeared not with the exception of Kecamatan Pineleng, where there are issues involving ± 250 young entrepreneurs who dabbles in a whole variety of different business.

But, in the time that passes and the young wirausaha-wirausaha emerging there are some phenomena arising in the entrepreneurial competitive this, where the young entrepreneurial was not aware of competition is, they are not aware that their business only diligently course, not undergo development.

The purpose of he did this research is to analyze and assess and to develop a variable and instrument to identify the influence of career development of the performance of young entrepreneurs in Kecamatan Pineleng.           

Included in this study were 250 respondents the young entrepreneurial in Kecamatan Pineleng using linear regression multiple analysis. These findings gathered in this research and development career have an positive and significant on performance young entrepreneurs in Kecamatan Pineleng.

Keywords: Career development, performance, young entrepreneurs, Kecamatan Pineleng.


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