Somuttan Soyuta: Fotoğrafik Görme

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The aim in this paper could be indicated as an endeavor to dwell upon the least traits we need to possess rather than the technique of photography to take a photograph with a particular outlook to be able to see the artistry in a whole which the nature has granted us and to unveil the hidden image in it which is meaningful  and not totally different from the whole and the allurement from which the parts have been reduced. It is to display the concealed abstract in the concrete as per “photographic extraction of the abstract embedded in the concrete”  statement of Haluk Naci Gülalp


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ZÜMRÜT, Şenol. (2018). Somuttan Soyuta: Fotoğrafik Görme. JOURNAL OF AWARENESS, 3(Özel Sayı), 181-198.


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