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Ayhan ESİ


Science can be described briefly and effortlessly, briefly and profoundly, as "the process of obtaining regular information and methodological research that chooses a part of the universe or events as the subject, attempts to derive legislation based on empirical methods and reality". However, it is not so easy to recognize the concept of science. Hope is the most important reason for the continuity of humanity and science. A scientist who thinks what will happen if I find out what my findings are can not be a lost scientist. Mankind can not live a meaningful life without hope for the future, maturity and progress. All negative expectations are destroyed by human beings working with determination through hope. Otherwise, for example, if penicillin was not available, people living in the world would not survive, the life expectancy of cancer patients would not be prolonged, the quality and duration of diabetes patients would not increase if there was no insulin, the expected value in mathematics (hope value) represents the expected mean value of the results of random experiments, that is, the value we hope was not found.


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