About the history of establishment and development of the financial terminology in the Azerbaijani language

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Günel Feyruz QURBANOVA


During the study of economic terms, it has been confirmed that financial terminology in Azerbaijan and in the east has ancient history. As Azerbaijan is located in the favorable strategic position, on the trade routes, trade relations have been developed rapidly here.

The economical lexicon comprises a special, voluminous layer of lexicon. From time to time, this terminology area is subject to modifications, it is renewed, enriched through new lexical units.

The article deals with the establishment, formation and development of financial terminology in Azerbaijan. The path passed by the financial terms from the ancient times up to present is analyzed and studied. The origin, development path and current condition of the financial terms used both in daily life and in the literary works and in the media is reviewed. The role of economic and trade relations in this area is interpreted through the historical stages. New expressions and notions emerged in our language as a result of fundamental economic, social and political, cultural reforms, public and social changes that have emerged since our country gained independence have contributed to the enrichment of our vocabulary fund, especially terminology and the economic terminology of our language has grown rapidly in the last twenty years. The impact of Turkology congresses and seminars on the terminology creation process in Azerbaijan was also in the focus of attention. Great attention and care of the head of the state Mr.IlhamAliyev to the development of Azerbaijani language is specially emphasized. The economic terminological layer of our language is developed, enriched and renovated rapidly, the financial terminology is enriched by new financial terms during the present development period of our Republic and expansion of economic – political relations with the most countries of the world. Establishment of Terminology Commission in Azerbaijan is one of the most important steps in thisarea. As if, a breakthrough has happened in the terminology system of Azerbaijan Republic by the establishment of this Commission and rapid development dynamics is observed. Different terminological dictionaries are prepared and published for all fields.

It is important to state specially the role of media and textbooks in the development of terminology in Azerbaijan. It is true that there are some improvements in this area, but there are still unrevealed issues that are not yet clear in the textbooks. It shall be considered normal, as the formation of new economic relations in Azerbaijan requires the creation of new financial and banking terms. As mentioned above, it is realized either by the internal capacities of the language or words borrowed from other languages.

Especially, the rapid development of the world economy, transition to the market economy, expansion of the banking system network, enhanced economic relations with foreign countries and signed various agreements have increased the interest in this area in the recent years. Access to the world market, along with economic accomplishments, causes to mass word flow to the lexicon and creation of new terminological units in every language. Therefore, currently, the financial terminology is distinguished by its special role in the lexical system of the language. At the same time, the close cooperation of the vast majority of the population with the banking system has contributed to the further expansion of the scope of financial terms.


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