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Çanakkale jugs are the liquid substance containers that have been produced since the mid 19th century. They vary greatly in form. They are usually grouped according to their appearance. However, among the Çanakkale ceramics, jugs are in the form of puzzle ceramic drink containers that differ from the others in terms of the system of shaping and use.

The puzzle ceramic drink containers used to make jokes, to make surprise and fun for the drinkers. Since the end of the 13th century, it has been produced in Germany, Holland, Italy, France, many other European countries and China as jugs, jugs, cups.

In this study, Çanakkale jugs produced in the working principle of the cups, also called Pythagorean cups, were discussed. As in the Pythagorean cups, it is a part of the puzzle how much of the Çanakkale jugs should be filled discussed in the study.

In this study, it is aimed to introduce puzzle jugs from rare samples produced in Çanakkale and to create awareness about Çanakkale ceramics through different samples.

Information about the subject was obtained from the written sources on Çanakkale ceramics and the researches in related archeology museums.


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