Culture – A Reflection of the Development of Society

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This paper aims to trate the issues of cultures and arts as reflection of development of society in the ideas of Neo-Albanianism. The proponents of this thinking value the intellectual movement as highly important in the context of their actions toward the development of the country, e.g. only when they possess real mental preparation can we jump into the field of practice to apply their codified thoughts.

The thoughts of Neo-Albanianism on culture, literature, and arts are expounded generally in the form of redactional comments or recensions on particular works, through which they generally achieve a sort of codification of their views on these issues. In the general sphere, their theory relies on the assertions of R. Descartes, E. Kant, A. Comte, and so forth, in the artistic sphere; their views are more related to an evaluation of particular works from the standpoint of their philosophical background.

Keywords: culture, Lasgush Poradeci’s poetry, perception, society


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NIKAJ, I. (2018). Culture – A Reflection of the Development of Society. JOURNAL OF AWARENESS, 3(Özel Sayı), 751-760.


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