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Hayrunnisa YEŞİL
M. İbrahim TUĞLU


Stem cell shave a tremendous therapeutic potential with their ability to continually renew themselves and their ability to transform into almost all mature cells in our body. In the male reproductive system, a dynamic group of stem cells proliferates and prevents in fertility. This process is called spermatogenesis in mammals and the testis occurs in seminiferous tubules. Testicular stem cells, called germ stem cells (GKH) are capable of rapid regeneration after self-renewal and injury during adult life. How did spermatocytes occur dynamically in the later stages of old age? which is an indispensable element of the male reproductive system and is necessary for the continuation of the next generation. There has always been a question I asked and the answer was sought. In our review study, the changes of spermatogonium proliferating with mitosis in seminiferous tubules up to spermatozoa with meiosis and stem cell reserves are discussed.


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ÖZTÜRK, Şamil, ÇAKINA, S., YEŞİL, H., & TUĞLU, M. İbrahim. (2018). SPERMATOGENESİS and DYNAMİC STEM CELLS. JOURNAL OF AWARENESS, 3(Özel Sayı), 857-864. https://doi.org/10.26809/joa.2018548697


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